Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is often misconstrued as a place to advertise your product or service. If that were the case, they would have named it business media or advertisement media. Conveniently, it was named social media. While social media users are becoming experienced with their preferred social platforms, they are also no strangers to spammers or sales pitches.

Every Contact Is A Real Human Being!

Remember that every contact, every email address is a real person. Treat them like real people, that’s all they ask. Relate to them and that’s all you need to do. You may do this through your specific knowledge and expertise of your product or service. We do this by relating and personalizing content through different groups within your contact list. Let’s strategically speak to our contacts through social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Has Multiple Benefits

Social media marketing once had a sole purpose of driving more traffic to our website. Social media marketing and people who use it have evolved since that theory developed. Today social media marketing has become much more than a traffic source. Why should SMM be crucial to my marketing efforts? People spend a lot of time on social media sites. Browsing topics, researching products, interacting with their inner circles. So what does that do for my company’s bottom line?

Well, let’s look at the negative effects of not having an active social media-marketing network.

Why Are There So Many Different Social Media Sites?

The reason that there are many different social media marketing sites is because every social site has different functions and purposes. For example, twitter is known as a buzz creator. While being less personalized, its platform is known as the holy grail of starting a buzz.
Then there is Facebook. Facebook is the personalizer. Its platform connects you with friends to share personal views and opinions while staying in touch at the same time.
LinkedIn allows you to communicate with professionals in a business related platform.
Google+ is hereby known as the optimizer, since it will be social media’s strongest signals.
Therefore, by mentioning a few of the main ones you see how different they all are.
Each provides different solutions for social media marketing. Use each one to your best advantage by understanding what each platform has to offer for your product or service to help you with your social media marketing.