Keyword Research & Analysis
Keyword Research & Analysis is the FIRST step in an effective Local & Organic 皇冠crown娱乐官网登录 Campaign. Keywords are what people type into a search engine to gather information on a topic, find a product or a service to fulfill a need. Typically, the more descriptive the search and or the number of ‘’keywords’’ contained in the keyword phrase, the further along in the buying cycle a consumer or business is deemed to be.


Keyword Research and Analysis for every 皇冠crown娱乐官网登录 Strategy is conducted using Google’s own search data. As a Google Partner, LGO has access to search and other user data, not readily available to Small Business. We leverage the keyword data which becomes the basis for effective On-page and Content Optimization and or Development.

Competitive Keyword Analysis for 皇冠crown娱乐官网登录

In addition to leveraging our partnership with Google, LGO’s own proprietary software can extract keyword data from competing websites. It has likely taken many years for your competitors to rank for a variety of keywords, LGO can expedite rather quickly.

LGO focuses just on Revenue Driving keywords!

LGO has reviewed the keyword strategies and competing proposals on hundreds of clients & 皇冠crown娱乐官网登录 projects. One common denominator we often see is; the keywords included in the strategy or proposal have little or NO search volume. These types of keywords are easy to rank and look great in your report, however, are they really impacting your business ‘bottom line?

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